Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Leaf Again!

I just looked at my blog and in the two weeks or so that have elapsed since my last post, that leaf has turned old and fallen off and today is new leaf day again! So, what have I been doing in the meantime whenever the need arose to waste some time? I have a crush! I have n't had a crush like this since Shah Rukh Khan in DDLJ! This time around, it is this guy Siddharth. I usually dont get crushes on chocolatey guys like this, so this one is an anomaly. Just look at him!
My list of permanent crushes consists of people like Greorge Clooney. So, I guess I am undergoing a change of life or something. Anyways, what I have been doing these past two weeks is watching Rang de Basanti, Ayutha Ezhuthu, Boys and even Nuvvostanate...first golt movie I have watched by myself! BTW, check him out here as Siddharth, not Karan or Santosh or Arjun, going a thousand words per minute in the tone of a desi sophisticate. Got to go now and try and turn a new leaf!

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