Saturday, December 2, 2006

Another Saturday Morning

I have been at my office for about 6 hours now. But I have not done much to account for all that time. The task this morning was to try and understand active nemaitcs. I have not gotten to the point where I can say anything yet. So, I will have to reserve comment on that till tomorrow. Which leads to my next thought, I am inclined to quit now and go home. This means that I have to work tomorrow morning also in order to be able to sort out this stuff in time to tell the C boss on monday morning.

Also, I went to a popular physics talk this morning. J was talking about "jamming". The purpose that this served is to make me realize one more time that when I say "cow", you may hear "dog" if that is the only four legged creature you have seen and you have a vague idea that a cow has four legs as well. If communication is this tough, how are we ever going to be successful in making another person understand what we are thinking? It is depressing to contemplate this.

The only other thing I did between yesterday afternoon and now is that I watched the movie "Jillendru oru kadhal". I thought it was an "okay" movie. The screen play as such had a lot of potential. It needed a Maniratnam touch to turn into a good movie. Still, may be beacuse of the state of mind I am in now, I liked it. I was n't expecting to, as all the people that told me about the movie said it was bad. The other good thing for me is that I have added three more songs to my list of A. R Rehman songs I like a lot. And one of these songs has the potential to move to the category of songs that always make me smile.

Aside: After writing the title I realized I seem to be very fond of "Another". Indicates boredom may be?

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