Monday, December 18, 2006

About the Reviewer

I have been reading movie reviews on people's blog pages and have decided to join the band wagon, being Time Magazine's person of the year and all. So, as a first step, I thought I should say something about myself so as to put the reviews in context for a random reader. I am Tamil by birth, but grew up all over India and since then have been all over the northern hemisphere of this planet as well. I have been watching movies all my life, as that was the chosen method of killing time in India. Only recently have I started watching movies as a fan of the medium. Language is no bar for me. I have watched movies in all languages, whether I speak it or not.

As a critic, I am of the point of view that any story is acceptable and must be taken in as is. The only thing that distinguishes a good movie from a bad one is how the story is told. Also, I am a perfect audience of one for any movie. I cannot criticize a movie the first time I watch it because I am totally absorbed by what they are telling me on screen. It is only after the first viewing and seeing how that leaves me feeling, I decide if I should watch the movie again to see what in the movie made me feel the way it did.

Ok, that is it for now. Coming up, reviews of Siddharth's movies I have been watching for the past couple of weeks.

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