Sunday, December 17, 2006

Human Beings and Signals

I am still in the middle of my work day and should really not be blogging. But a thought occurred that I wanted to write down somewhere. I was wasting a few minutes googling my crush Siddharth. And of course I came across a whole bunch of discussion about Karan Singhania. How do I say this? In some interview, the director Rakesh Mehra said that there was some chemistry between Sonia and Karan in the movie that they did not bring out front because of want of space. Then, I came across a whole bunch of normal people comments that said that they noticed this chemistry (something along the lines of love and pain in Karan's eyes). I saw this movie a whole bunch of times recently just so I could watch my crush and I did not see this at all! I thought the signal was that Karan had a special spot in his heart for Ajay Rathod and it carried over to his girlfriend Sonia as well and that was what made Sonia special for him.

Now, this is in principle alright because in any work of art, the viewer's perception is the correct perception, irrespective of how it matches up with the creator's perception. Along the lines of "Oviaththin Jeevan Engu uLLathu? Uttru paarkum aaLLin kaNNill uLLathu" type thing. What is bothering me is the following. I had a major problem until a few years ago. I acutely misread signals sent by people to me. This lead to several rather needless confusions in my relationship with my friends. But, now that I am older and wiser, I thought that problem was one that belonged in the past. But, my misreading of Rakesh Mehra's and Siddharth's intended portrayal is indicative of the fact that the problem is actually still there and the only thing that has happened is that I have stopped interacting people for a while now? If that is the case, then there is more trouble in store for me in the future!

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