Friday, April 10, 2009

Asians need simple names

This story makes no sense at all...But we immigrants must try and comply right? So....

My Betty Brown Approved Name is LaVerne "Lynard Skynard" Brown.
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This blog had been in a coma. It was not dead. Now it is regaining consciousness. Go web2.0!

The reason for the silence was that I was in a transition point in my life. I have been a post-doc for a while now and had to make the transition to getting a real job, in my case that of an Assistant Professor. I was running around making applications, and then interviewing and then agonizing till the offers started showing up then agonizing after that to pick among the different ones I had.

Now the decision is made. I am at peace. And I thought I will celebrate the peace by reactivating all of the other things in life that had been in limbo. If you are one of the people that still has this blog on your feed reader, thanks for not deleting it yet.