Friday, January 25, 2008

On Religion

Here are a couple of things for your amusement.

1) First up, questions on Jesus Christ in the form of this lovely video by somegreybloke

You can find a whole bunch of videos by this guy here.

2) It would not be fair to leave the Hindus out would it ? So consider the following image

Does it offend you? Apparently it does for some people. And here is a whole website dedicated to such things. Do check it out. It is priceless I tell you, priceless.

Problems Problems

Apparently the state of Michigan will now issue drivers licenses only to permanent residents and citizens. How are the FOB desis that are going to come to Michigan from this time forward supposed to get groceries and make trips to Wal-mart or IKEA, especially in the winter? Or for that matter, rent a car to go from strange airports to whatever their travel destination is. I understand the need for increased security on the process of issuing state ID's, but for the life of me I can’t see how this is a reasonable rule and I am almost certain they will have to amend it real soon to take into account the needs of what must be a large number of people whose life this is going to mess up.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pop Quiz

Literally. Here is a song for your listening pleasure, flash back from the days of Superhit Muqabla and other such things. Question for you : Can you name the movie? No googling!

PS: There is an embedded music piece that may or may not show up in your feed.

PPS: comment moderation is turned on for a while so at least a couple of you can answer before they become visible. So please do, answer I mean.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leave Letter


Curious Cat
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The few readers
The Old Curiosity Shop

Dear Sir/Ma’m

As I am suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder [1] and am overwhelmed by things in the real world, I am unable to update this blog with all the different things that cross my eye. I am hoping to recover during this week and be back shortly after that. Kindly treat my absence until that time as leave.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


[1] SAD is my excuse for low energy levels and me liking my Brandy bottle and my ceiling better than my books and my laptop

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Last night, I was reading this and this. I was confused. To briefly (and in an extremely oversimplified way) summarize, some people were saying women should play it safe and not do things like go out alone at night so as to reduce the possibililty of being subject to sexual assault. And others were saying, "You cannot say that because by inference this means that if you do fall victim to sexual assault, then you are partly or wholly to blame for this because you did not take the said precautions". I could see the point made by both sides and was not able to reconcile the different thoughts running through my head. Then, this morning I walked in to the department to find the following next to the elevator (Poor quality cell phone pics, sorry).

Does this mean the University is engaging in “blame the victim” game now? I am even more confused.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

List of lists

And some other things

  1. GreatBong, Who has had my eternal devotion to RTDM since he included Janeman in His movies of the year for 2006, has a new list for you to peruse. (guaranteed one more year of devotion by including GURU; I know, I know, gods do not care about such things). I still have not seen fifty percent of this list though.
  2. Staying on movies, I read B. Rangan’s list. Again, less than fifty percent recognition rate for me. Also, I am still holding a grudge against him for making me watch Aaja Nachle.
  3. On other things. Have you seen the list of 50 loathsome people of the year yet? Turned out I did not know quite a few of the people on the list…for example who-t-f is Sherri Shepherd ?? I had to google her to find out.
  4. Now on to other things, I came across this story [via] by Woody Allen and when I read it I kept hearing Woody Allen’s voice in my head, so I had to link to it here.
  5. And of course Happy new year and all that jazz to my readers that now include all of two people from my real world.