Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leave Letter


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Dear Sir/Ma’m

As I am suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder [1] and am overwhelmed by things in the real world, I am unable to update this blog with all the different things that cross my eye. I am hoping to recover during this week and be back shortly after that. Kindly treat my absence until that time as leave.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


[1] SAD is my excuse for low energy levels and me liking my Brandy bottle and my ceiling better than my books and my laptop


Anonymous said...,

leave granted!
have fun meanwhile....

vatsan said...

The brandy bottle, books and laptop are not mutually exclusive. once the brandy goes in try opening the books and working on laptop. it is the best. atleast drinking a few rounds of whiskey while doing serious research helped me :-)

CuriousCat said...

@bhup : Thanks for the pictue and song da! And I am not sad you know. It is just that I am writing so much in the real life these past few weeks, I have no energy left to write at the end of the day (look for two papers on cond mat this week)

@vatsan sir: Enakku usually moolai slow aa work pannum sir, onnu rendu peg pottathukku apprama...vettiyaa iruththale sugam nu thonaarambichcidum!:)