Saturday, September 27, 2008

A R Rahman ad jingles

In spending time with my feedreader this afternoon, I saw this, featuring a clip from the movie Slumdog Millionaire that apparently has music composed by my man ARR. It is the first I heard of this movie. I am way behind on my Rahman listening. I was stuck on Jaane tu ya jaane na for a long time. I have just moved on to Sakkarakatti, am yet to open my Ada CD (I know, Sakkarakatti jumped the line, but it was in Tamil, so that was inevitable). And it also got me thinking that I have not yielded to my Rahmania in a while. So, I spent some time that was to be used to finish a calculation googling around for A R Rahman ad jingles that I remembered from a long time ago. Find below a few for your amusement :

1. Garden Sarees

Featuring Lisa Ray and sounding so Rahman:

2. MRF tires

I actually did not realize this was Rahman until recently actually:

3. Premier

This one is sung by Sujatha, you know the one that sang “puthu vellai mazhai” in Roja:

4. Titan

And of course the famous one that has Rahman paraphrasing Mozart for Rajiv Menon:

And finally the bonus video of anyone that made it this far down the post, Baby Rahman on Surabhi

Trigger any nostalgic memories that you want to share? Pointers to any ads that I missed (I know the leo coffee one, but it featured in an earlier post), or trivia about the ads featured here would be great too!


Super Ordinary said...

A R Rahman for worldspace radio..came out about 4-5 years ago

and all airtel ads...they were such a delight to watch too...

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of Madras Telugu academy Spirit of unity concerts theme music (especilly the ending music). It was by Rahman. I like that very much. Searched for it but found only this ok quality recording of it

(my friend's namesake!?)

joy said...

There are many ad jingles that AR Rahman has done and his work is the best. I found some good info on the talent at

Nautankey said...

Great collection..never knew most of them except that leo coffee one.

CuriousCat said...

@ super ordinary: Thank you for the links! I was aware of the airtel ads, but not the world space ones.

@ anon and joy: Thanks for the link again!

@ nautankey: Glad you liked it!

And apologies to S O for the enormous delay in response!

Anonymous said...

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Jingles said...

Whats this A Rehman Jingles. was that a famous personality in the past. Jingles are no doubt very memorable and artistic but I cant recall them... :-(

N said...

I too am a berry berry big fan of ARR. And hence I benignly demand that you update the post with videos of Leo Coffee and Cinthol ads :-) (After he won the Oscar the Leo Coffee music kept running in my head for two days in a nonstop loop)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm trying to search everywhere in the www. There was this Banana Boat song (Indian version) that used play very often on Sun Tv around the 1990s (the very beginning of Sun TV).
Does someone have info of that song?

rhea sinha said...

I was trying to figure out why some place A R Rehman was credited as the music composer for Titan while other places mentioned Mozart. Thank you for clearing that up.