Monday, September 8, 2008

LHC linking park

The Large Hadron Collider comes online on the 10th and there is little else that is the topic of conversation at any place where there are more than two physicists. Higgs or no Higgs? That is the first thing we will know. And supposedly a whole lot more.

As with all else in the world, LHC has been associated with theories that tell you that the world will end when we turn the machine on. You can find out about these concerns from the horse’s mouth here. And I also came across this refutation/explanation by Sunil Mukhi (via).

If you wanted to know more about the LHC, you could try this. Or at 8pm on the history channel tomorrow there is a show on the LHC that I must have received 10 emails telling me to watch. The host of the show talks about it over at Cosmic Variance.

Or, you could watch this video I found recently…LHC rap…pretty cool I thought it was…


tangled said...

Well, we are visibly not dead.
yay, etc.

tangled said...

Had an email I wanted to send you - do you have an anonymous address you give out to strangers?
You can send it to me here. Thank you!