Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today on CNN

Today, my day started earlier than normal. The reason being that the only way I will be able to get any physics done this week is to do it before the rest of the world wakes up [1]. So, I got hungry for lunch early and hence went for my pre-lunch treadmill run early as well. I run in front of a TV that is tuned to CNN headline news.

Today due to the odd time I ended up watching something called “Showbiz tonight” where I learn t such earth-shattering things as the fact that Kristie Alley apologized on Oprah for being fat, the bay watch dude David something got drunk (with some statement like “this gives him the opportunity to lead America by example toward taking responsibility for one’s addictions”) and some dogfighter guy whose name I did not catch is going to join PETA or something. I just have to say WTF? [2]

[1] I am part of the organizing committee of a conference that starts in a couple of weeks and I have been doing such interesting things as arranging for food, getting stationery, juggling schedules and so on…

[2] If you feel like it you can watch the videos of the first two stories here and here. Did not catch enough of the third story for a quick google.

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