Friday, August 29, 2008

Reentry -1 Ode to my brother

Today is my brother’s birthday. He is a very special person to me. But, we are Indians and more than that, we are Tam Brams. So, to pick up the phone and say “I love you da” is completely unthinkable and totally unacceptable. So I am going to do something even more horrible. I am going to use this very public forum to express what should be some very private thoughts!

Dear AB baby [1],

Unlike you, I do not have any vivid memories of us together as children. If I try to think about it, I see a flash or two of unrelated things, when I was in sixth standard, you and I on our bicycles going to the shop near Adyar depot to buy a gift for our parents, and one of us (you or me?) falling of the bike at the signal, the time we went “hiking” in valparai and came back with leaches in our shoes….
I remember we fought like cats and dogs as long as we lived under the same roof. I remember thinking you were very different from me. I remember hating it when my friends would ooh and aah about how cute my brother is. But that’s it.

Today, I see that of all the people on earth, you are the one that is most similar to me. Given that we spent 24 hours of every day for 15-16 years together, I guess one should not be surprised. We have a special relationship. It is not like we tell each other everything. It is not like we do not get on each other’s nerves at all anymore. It is not like we are not sufficiently different from each other. We are, due to our respective unique experiences these last 10-15 years. But somehow, you are one of the few people in my world I can pick up the phone and call irrespective of how black a mood I am in. And that my dear, makes you one of my best friends. And my life would be that much bleaker if you were not in it.

So, the bottom line is I am glad our parents choose to put in the “effort” to make you and not just stop with me!

Happy Birthday!

[1] No, my brother is not Abhishek Bachchan, though he claims to look like a Hrithik Roshan, albeit with a Marathoner’s body, instead of the bench-press freak one.


AB said...

mmm... Ok I dont have senti words to reply. So a simple comment. YES! Big sis u r the best.
And thanks, its been a gr8 b'day so far. Plus its not just that I think I look like Hrithik, but many others namely (many = 1 one person) ur frnd. U cant refute that now...

AB said...

one more thing... the desi rather tambrahm version of calling and saying "I love u da" (which would be hilarious) is to call and say "onaku yein enmala paasame illa?" ;)

anantha said...

Awwwww... brother sister sentiment post (and comments too!).

I hope you at least called him :)

My sister does not read my blog. But she once wished me on my birthday via Orkut, which drove me mad!

CuriousCat said...

@ ab: Cool!

@ anantha : Tsk...Tsk..cynicism and Nakkal...Ungalukku rombha vayasu aayiduththo? :))

anantha said...

okie.. dont remind me of my age.