Friday, February 29, 2008

Random thoughts on leap day

I just had to have a post dated February 29th, for who knows what would happen four years from now right? So, here are a few random thoughts in my head at this time.

1. I recently yielded to temptation and bought my first camera. Nothing fancy, just a point and shoot Nikon coolpix. The other day I took the following picture.

What a geek I have become! Multicolored pens arranged in a row at the edge of my desk. Not only that, I have become an organization freak, obsessively cross-referencing and filing my notes away for I am tired of reinventing the wheel every few days, just because I am not able to find notes or references.

2. I went to look at the site stats for this blog yesterday and found this.

An anomalous peak that screws the scale so much that it renders the rest of the landscape totally flat. The reason is that DP linked to my “Experimenting with” post. I write all these beautiful (even if I do say so myself) science posts that almost nobody reads and they link to the “freak of nature” ARR post :)). [*]

3. Speaking of science posts, a blogger that DP likes a lot has this cool post on caricatures of seminar speakers, do read if you have not already.

4. Also, blogging break coming up. I start traveling next week. Seminar in Boston, then onto New Orleans. None of the talks are written so I guess I will be married to win edt and powerpoint for the next few days.

[*] Aside for A, all other readers ignore: I know you did this. But why is there no hat tip acknowledgement? Feeling cowardly are we?:)


Patrix said...

Heh. I know I should be reading your blog more often but sometimes my RSS reader overwhelms me and I miss out on excellent posts. Please don't shy away from tipping off your own science posts. Trust me, I love such posts. Perhaps when linked, you can compare the 'popularity' of Rahman vs. Science and jump to some conclusions :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you tried "Refworks" ? Its free to use and sounds really good.

CuriousCat said...

@patrix: My dear first gentleman, do not be miffed with me. I was just saying stuff tongue in cheek. And I promose not to jump to conclusions!!

@bhup : I do use ref work together with bibtex and the APS citation help...that is not the kind of reference problem I was thinking about...for example, I had marked up PRL and an accompanying page of notes on some stuff that I could not find on my desk, so I just had to print it again and rework through the equations again! Comes out of having 3 or 4 different projects that I switch between!

Patrix said...

Oh no! Not miffed at all. And I was serious about comparing hits for your Rahman post and a science post. The results will surprise you.