Monday, December 10, 2007

The second law

A while back, I had written this post on irreversibility. But I was just talking text book thermodynamics and stat mech. Here, Sean Carroll is putting the arrow of time in a cosmological perspective. Do check it out. Also, while you are at it, stop by SC and read my post on elastomers and tell me what you think.


suds said...

Aaah !! Very well put for people like me who have forgotten class 8 physics for that elusive computer program without bugs ! I assume you are doing or have done a post-grad course in the subject..

CuriousCat said...

Dear Suds (the “dear” is because you set a record on this blog by commenting on three posts in a day !:) )Now,
a) Vegetarians : You are right of course, absent minded vegetarians switch to the carnivore mode once immersed in an environment that has too much meat in it. It becomes just plain inconvenient to be vegetarian then.
b) The second law: I assume you are talking about the “Irreversibility” post. Thank you! And yes, I am a physicist for my (as you can imagine, really meager) livelihood.
c)Blue-white jobs: again you are right. The remuneration is small because we have an over abundance of supply and not enough demand in India. But I was thinking that it is just a different experience to do something for your livelihood that requires turning off your brain, and we are lesser people for missing out on it.