Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Changing Chennai

No, no, I am not trying to change Chennai, I am saying it is changing. Apparently there are people in madras that crave waffles for breakfast and there seem to be a whole bunch of places you can get those too. And the linked post mentions so many meats... if I had still been living in Madras, I sure as hell would not know the difference between salami and sausage! Terrible or wonderful? Yet to make up my mind. (dyed in the wool tam-brahminism preventing me from making the "right" choice, i.e., wonderful...the baggage of conditioning dammit!:))


N said...

I've been living in Chennai since the day I was born. I positively love North Indian and sometimes occidental nutrition too, but I emphatically hate any non-South Indian breakfast :-)

N said...

And incidentally, I'm gonna leave now for breakfast.

amudha manoharan said...

Thanks for your excellent guide man

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