Thursday, July 5, 2007

I’ve been tagged – random facts

Bongo, as of now being awarded the title of second gentleman of the blogsphere (the first gentleman of course is the ever polite Patrix) has tagged me with the random facts meme. And I award him this title in spite of the fact that he tagged me only because “those who I can force into responding to a tag have mostly been tagged already”, for as is true for most people in most social situations, even virtual ones, I feel insecure and invisible and being tagged helps, right?:))

And now on to the meme. There is no way for a person to write eight random facts about themselves as it is bound to be biased by what they want people to know. But, I am going to try by picking eight random aspects of a person and writing down one fact about that aspect.

1. Appearance: I wore my hair in a “boy cut” of some form for the first twenty years of my life. Then one fine day I stopped cutting it and by the time I was 24 I had hair that fell below my waist. So I guess the fact is that my body produces way too much keratin?

2. Food: I LOVE “thaiyir saadam” and “avakkaai oorugai”, even more so now that I am attempting to be a vegan and it is “forbidden”. So the fact is that I am a dyed in the wool tam-bram.

3. Drink: Good coffee in the morning and good alcohol in the evening (no girly martinis for me, whisky neat or brandy with water preferable :))) So the fact is I am not that much of a tam-bram after all.

4. Music: With apologies to all the erudite and esoteric folks out there, tamil film music in general and by ARR my man in particular.

5. School girlish wish : I want to have had the genes of my father and his sisters instead of what I have now, namely my mother and her sisters. They all became fat as they got older. I am not that fond of eating but I hate to have to exercise!

6. Ms Universe type wish : Everybody in the world should have enough to eat so that “where is my next meal coming from” is not a thought of significance in their minds.

7. Siddhartha/Vivekananda type wish : That I had more concentration, more presence of mind and more rational thinking capacity than I do.

8. WTF fact of the day: It is raining outside now.

Ok, that did not turn out to be that random after all. But am too lazy to go back and rethink it and I should be working and not blogging anyways. And finally, on the need to propagate the meme. I have so few readers I don’t want to risk scaring them away by tagging them. And what if I am imagining that they read me and they really don’t? Horror of all horrors! But, I don’t want to be a spoil sport either. So, I (with great trepidation and anxiety) tag vatsan and tangled.


multisubj yb said...

Is Vivekananda's rational capacity is more than yours? I doubt. For more glimpses on Vivekananda's life culled from his Complete Works - the criticism you will not find elsewhere:

Aditya said...

I loved the father side genes wish!!! LOL... I wonder if the world would be half as exciting if men and women had the option to choose their body figure!!..

BTW, Thanks for adding Indicast to you links list...

CuriousCat said...

multisubj yb : Thanks for the link. Will look at it detail subsequently. And I liked some of his thoughts and have learnt through experience that personal life choices/actions don't negate the value of the thought itself

Aditya: Easy for you to say, you are a guy! And you are welcome to the link. In fact, if and when I get my new and improved template up, I have the logos to your "family enterprises" there. Bribe enough to make you feature this blog in your upcoming chat with Vulturo and Abhishek? :))

BTW: your blogger profile is not accesible. but for the Idicast reference, I would not have known who you were.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

enakkum unglamadri dhaan, appearance,drinks, and tambram part ;)

since i left madras i stopped cutting my hair (i had mottai cut before tht) so ippo hair is shoulder length when im back in madras :-)

drinks? whiskey on the rocks :-) thts the best, indha cocktails, vodka, beedka ellam velaiku aagatha sarukku :-).

and its proven im not a tambram, because ppl usually go 'ne iyer paiyana??????:-OOO" when i tell them i dont eat meat coz im not used to it (tambram upbringing). this is usually after me phinishing one full of whiskey :D :D

CuriousCat said...

Super Vatsan sir! Super! We agree on "velaikku aagatha sarakku" AND "vegetarianism"!
Tag ku respond pannuveengala?

bongopondit said...

Err...firstly, mucho gracias for the award - my first on the blogosphere!!

Second, to clarify the 'those who I can force into responding to a tag' comment - it meant there are only one or two people in the blogworld that I can cajole, threaten, blackmail etc into responding to a tag (Such is the life of of non-A-list bloggers). And as you say, I am too much of a gentleman to force people in responding to tags. Now that I know you like them, prepare for a deluge :-)

Third, 'martinis' - a girly drink ? Much offended, not due to some masculine insecurity - but I hate tagging drinks with gender specifications (to be expanded upon in a future post). And to restate the obvious, those color of the rainbows drinks with tropical fruits hanging off them are not martinis.

Finally, goes without saying, good coffee is the only civilized way to get things started in the morning.

CuriousCat said...

@bongo: 1) Sorry I offended your "cocktail sensibilities" by calling a martini girlie. I am just not that fond of mixed drinks of any kind at this time in life. But, I am sure that is only a passing phase and in the mean time I should not offend them by calling them names. I will clean my martini mixer and glasses with loving care this evening to make it up to them :)
2)You now have a reputation to keep up as I am just as likely to take your title away and start calling you names (and I know quite a few colorful ones too!):))

ada-paavi!!!! said...

bongo, its pretty simple, we madrasis drink in TASMAC bars where the concept of cocktail is non existent so are used to drinking plain drinks on the rocks, either rum, brandy or whiskey. no no, we dont drink vodka either because its a cocktail drink. its only natural for madrasis to look down upon martinis and go for scotch on the rocks.

and coffee early in the morning? following kamals style we drink 1 large scotch ;)