Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random stuff

Being slow on the uptake on most things I did not hear of image macros until recently and the whole LOLcat thing until today. There are a whole bunch of images here. The one below is one that I liked a lot.

Also, I watched Shrek the third and it sucks. I hope this is the last movie out of the franchise as the writers seem to have run out of witty ways to implement their whole anti fairy tale thing. Falstaff has an eloquent rant on this you might want to read.

And just in case you did not read this, here is a hilarious take by J. A. P on the whole MS university, nude art controversy. I went back there yesterday to look at the comment thread and found a statement by J.A.P that resonated with me enough that I will now have to make a post out of it…He said “I'm not an advocate of democracy, really - I believe in benevolent despotism. Preferably mine”. More on that later.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

As long as you don't dispute MY despotism ....


CuriousCat said...

we'll have to see about that. I will make a better and more benevolant despot than anybody else...:)