Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Linking park on Evolution

I have been on a spree of reading on Evolution and Intelligent design and so on to keep me entertained during my recent travels. I am sharing some of them with you in case you missed reading them. First up, 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense, a Scientific American article by John Rennie, my respect for whom dropped several notches after reading this, which came off more as rant than reasoning. Next, the rebuttal by the ID crowd over at Apologetic press. Boy! They are verbose. I am yet to complete reading this one. While you are at it also check out the book Singularities, by Christian de Duve. I am yet to make up my mind about some of the things he says in the book. Also, as an aside, there is this wonderful article in PNAS this month, called “Darwin’s greatest discovery: Design without designer”, beautifully juxtaposing Darwin with Copernicus. I fell in love with that analogy that never occurred to me before. As always, all this “foraging for information” was so I can condense this whole “Evolution vs ID” in my reductionist no-frills language. But it needs some more simmering before that can happen. So, my own thoughts on all of this stuff follow later.


tangled said...

Oooh. Please let it be soon.
Coincidentally, I just finished reading The Science of Discworld III (which includes the theory of evolution and Darwin's theories for laypersons) and re-reading Genome.

So coincidental. :)

Also, I couldn't go past the first point in the second article! What's the point of quoting a huge number of obscure references if you have nothing alternative to offer? Pah.
Perhaps they do so later?

CuriousCat said...

well, not really. But 4 pages down they make a couple of interesting points. But I agree, I got brain dead by that point. And glad you will be reading my thoughts when I am ready to write them. We should see if we agree.