Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Vicarious Pleasures

We won!! (To put that in context, I am a part of the gator nation that Urban Meyer talked about in his speech, being a former gator and all) We were crowned the BCS champion last night! And how? A team that came in with an average of 410 yards per game in offensive gain, we held to 82 yards! We sacked the Heisman winning quarterback Troy Smith five times! They had the ball for only about 19 minutes of the game. And our quarterback Leak completed his first nine passes in this game, something that I have never seen him do! I watched all the SEC games this season and most of the OSU games, and I can't for the life of me see if our defense is that wonderful normally and they took it up a notch this game or is the OSU offence just plain overrated. As with everybody else from the south, I believe, albeit religiously, in the superiority of the defense of the SEC teams, but this much? I just have to see all the games one more time to see which of the above hypothesis is the valid one. But, for somebody that bleeds orange and blue, a wonderful night and a wonderful year (we are now the reigning NCAA basket ball AND football champs)!

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